Directional Drilling

M3P has extensive expertise in directional and horizontal drilling – more than 100 years combined experience among our integrated management team.  We have serviced wells both on land and offshore, from Florida to California. This experience includes the Central Plains, Rocky Mountains, Gulf Coast, and extensively throughout the Permian Basin, involving a wide variety of stratum. We have successfully drilled directional and horizontal wells in all major shale plays throughout the U.S..

Our experience includes short radius drilling, multi-lateral horizontals, sidetracks, under-balanced wells, and extended reach drilling. M3P Directional Services provides a thorough analysis of offsets with emphasis placed on BHA reactions and tendencies.

We research each particular well plan and will provide recommendations as to the safest and most economically viable way to successfully drill your well.  Additionally, we provide computerized torque and drag analysis and hydraulics modeling, to assist the client’s decision-making process.

M3P provides directional drillers to supervise your directional drilling operation while you provide the working crew to operate the machinery and drilling equipment.  Two directional drillers are assigned to perform these services onsite.

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